Ditch Your Double Points!

Top 5 reasons knitters hate knitting in-the-round on double pointed knitting needles:

  • The concept of 5 needles at once is hard to grasp

  • Working with 4 or 5 needles at once is overwhelming

  • The double point create uneven gaps in their knitting

  • They don't like getting poked by all those needle ends

  • It's too easy to drop stitches with all those needles

Do any of these reasons keep you from knitting in the round?

Then meet the magic loop knitting method! With just one long needle, you will be able to knit tiny circles! This easy to learn knitting technique will have you knitting in the round and want to leave your double point in the dust. 

What to knit using magic loop?

You can knit so many small in-the-round projects: socks, hats, baby garments, sweater sleeves and cuffs, toys and even baby booties!

Learn how to knit magic loop!

Here’s a tutorial we wrote on how to knit magic loop + how to video.

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