21 Shockingly Useful Knitting Gadgets Under $10 on Amazon

21 Shockingly Useful Knitting Gadgets Under $10 on Amazon

I’ve rounded up 21 of my favorite knitting tools and guess what? At the time of this writing, they are all under $10 on Amazon!

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You’ll find 21 tools you may have heard of before but they have something that makes them unique or a way to use them that you haven’t thought of before. I’ve added links to all of them so stock up on your knitting notions, try some new ones, and enjoy!

21 Knitting Gadgets under $10 on Amazon

#1. Locking Stitch Markers

Whenever I purchase a new set of stitch markers I think, “I’m not going to lose any of these.” However, before I know it, half of my stitch markers are gone. Does this happen to you? Why not keep a colorful set of easy-to-spot stitch markers.

These locking stitch markers glide right on your needle or attach to the garment to mark sleeves or side of work. The set comes in a circular case with compartments for each color. With 104 markers in the pack, hopefully it will be a while before this case is empty!

#2. Needle and Crochet Hook Gauge

Not sure what size knitting needles you have? Keep this handy needle gauge in your knitting bag so you never have to guess again! Simply slide the needle or crochet hook into a slot until you find the slot that fits. It will let you know what size needle or hook you have so there’s no more guesstimating.

#3. Yarn Bag

If you love to knit on the go, this knitting bag is for you! It neatly holds one or two small skeins of yarn - great for knitting socks, hats, and other small projects. Bag has a drawstring closure to keep the yarn tidy while allowing it to feed from the top.

The strap can hang from your arm so you can even knit while walking! Yes, knitting and walking is actually a thing! Attend any fiber festival or knitting event and you’ll see knitters “walking and knitting” everywhere.

#4. Double Ended Stitch Holders

Stitch holders used to look like a large safety pin. You’d have to slide the stitches onto the stitch holder and then when ready to use them, slide them onto a spare needle before sliding them back onto the working needle. Ugh, that’s a lot of work!

These double ended stitch holders solve the problem of all that needle sliding. Just stitches onto this stitch holder. Lock stitches in place until needed. When you are ready to use these stitches, you can knit right from this stitch holder!

#5. Circular Stitch Holder

As I mentioned above with the Clover’s Double Ended Stitch Holder, the handy tool revolutionized how you can work stitches that are being held until later. Now there’s the same solution for larger projects! This large circular stitch holder can hold sweaters, baby blankets, afghans, shawls, and more. The cord is adjustable, too!

#6. Cable Needles

For me, one of the scariest parts about cabling is whether or not the stitches will stay on the cable needle! Knitter’s Pride takes the worry out of cable knitting with these grooved cable needles. The grooves keep stitches securely in place until you are ready to knit them. The pack of three comes with sizes to fit almost any cable knitting project.

#7. Finger Row Counter

If you are trying to keep track of rows, stitch repeats, or decreases - you may want to consider the finger friendly counter. The tally counter slips on your finger so it is as close as possible when you are working on a project. Just press the large button and it keeps track for you. Click the reset button when ready to start a new count.

#8. Blocking Pins

Blocking your knitting is so easy when using t-pins! The pins are easy to place and move because they are easy to grasp. Plus, they won’t rust if you have a damp garment to block. This set of 150 t-pins comes in a colorful and handy tin.

#9. Point Protectors/Stitch Stoppers

Keep stitches on the needle when not in use! Stitch stoppers allow you to set down your project and not have to worry whether or not the stitches will still be on the needle when ready to pick it back up again. Stoppers are a must-have for knitters on the go who are constantly pulling projects in and out of knitting bags or purses.

Keeping stitches on double pointed needles can be especially challenging. Here’s how to use point protectors to keep those stitches in check.

#10. Notions Bag

Keeping all these gadgets easily available is also important when knitting. Why not keep them on hand with the help of an adorable friend? Check out this handmade Panda shaped notions bag. Fully lined with zip-top closure.

#11. Highlighter Tape

Highlighter tape may just be one of the smartest tools ever invented for quick pattern reading.

How do I use my highlighter tape?

  • If I have a pattern that notes specific stitch patterns or pattern repeats I have to refer back to again and again…I just slap some highlighter tape on it.

  • It’s also been helpful for quickly identifying sections of a sweater pattern with size-specific instructions.

  • I also use it to highlight knitting abbreviations that are usually found at the end of the pattern. For example, if a pattern has hard to remember abbreviations such as PSSOs or the Kitchener Stitch, I always highlight those in the abbreviations/glossary for easy reference.

#12. Kacha Kacha Row Counter

This has to be one of my favorite knitting tools so it’s worth mentioning. Not only do I love the name (kacha kacha counter!), it has a very satisfying ASMR click. When keeping track of rows, just give it a click at the end of the row so you never loose track again.

#13. Magnifier

Any knitter over 40 will appreciate this handy tool. Is it me or did pattern fonts get smaller recently? Oh, it’s me and my aging eyesight! Keep a magnifier handy for reading lines of a pattern without having to put on glasses. I’ve also found this tool really helpful for counting stitches when measuring gauge!

#14. Folding Yarn Scissors

Has a pair of loose scissors in your knitting bag poked through the bottom of the bag or done damage to your yarn? Consider a pair of small folding scissors. My mom always carried these in her needlework bag so when I took up knitting, these were a must-have tool for me, too.

These sturdy well-made scissors measure just 3” when folded.

#15. Pom Pom Makers

I’ve made many pom poms using cardboard and I have to say, ever since I got these Clover pom pom makers, my pom pom have never looked better. I even did a how-to make pom poms video using this maker!

It comes in a set of two with easy-to-follow instructions. My favorite size is Large (shown below) but they also come in X-Small, Small, and Jumbo sizes.

#16. Headlamp

Shine the light right where you need it! If you need a little extra light, this little headlamp shines on your knitting or pattern. Use it at home or while knitting on the go.

#17. Bent Tip Finishing Needles

When weaving in yarn ends or seaming projects, sometimes its hard to spot the needle especially if you are working with a particularly thick or fluffy yarn. Rather than using a traditional finishing/tapestry needle, try a BENT TIP needle. The point pops up making it much easier to spot. These come in nice bright colors to make seeing your stitching even easier.

#18. D-Fuzz-It Sweater Comb

Don’t throw out old pilled sweaters! Simply brush the sweater with the D-Fuzz-It and your sweater will look like new in minutes.

#19. Wonder Knitter I-Cord Maker

If you love the look of i-cord but hate to make it using double pointed needles. Get a Wonder Knitter! This “French Knitter” tool from Clover includes disks to make both 3 stitch and 6 stitch i-cord. In addition it’s a great way to get kids hooked on knitting as well as make lots of cute little projects including toys, jewelry, and fashion accessories. Check out these Wonder Knitter project ideas.

#20. Stitch Repair Tool

Did you drop a stitch a few rows back? No need to rip back, use this small crochet hook to pick up the stitch and place it back on your working needle. You can also use this tool to weave in yarn ends instead of a tapestry needle. Set of hooks comes in three sizes.

#21. Lotion Bar

Nothing is worse than when your hands keep snagging on your knitting. Keep your hands smooth and snag-free with a lotion bar. This Lemon Mint bar melts just enough lotion when placed in your hand and doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy. After use, place it back in the tin and close. No messy lotions tubes floating around in your knitting bag with this lotion bar.

What are your favorite knitting gadgets on this list?

Which ones are you going to try?

Did I leave one of your favorite knitting gadgets off the list? Let me know in the comments below!