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How to Join Knitting in the Round

I know why you are here. You most likely just started knitting in the round on circular or double pointed needles and the pattern you are using states "join yarn" and begin knitting in the round. The reason you will be joining the knitting is so that you can knit in one continuous, seamless loop.

Joining your knitting is REALLY easy. I'm going to show you how it's done.

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All we are saying, is give lace a chance!

One of the many aspects of lace, (besides its beauty) is an aura of complexity and difficulty. Most knitters believe that lace shouldn't be attempted until you are an intermediate knitter or expert.  That's just not so.  Lace projects can be involved and intricate, but those intimidating projects are just a small portion of what can be done.  The majority of stitches and projects are easy to understand and achieve.  Better still some really beautiful lace stitch patterns are easy to remember too, ensuring a very satisfying knit and beautiful end result.

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