How to Repair Knitting Mistakes in Ribbed Stitches

How to Repair Knitting Mistakes in Ribbed Stitches

Ribbing is very easy and the k2, p2 rib was probably one of the 1st things you learned as a knitter. You'll see this stitch pattern crop up in hats, mitts, scarf, you name it.

Knitting Mistake in Rib Stitch

If ribbing is so easy, why do we all make ribbing mistakes?

I think it's probably because it is so simple we just go on auto pilot and knit away; purling where we should have knit and vice versa. Sticks out like a sore thumb doesn't it. Take a look at the image above to see what I mean.

Knitting Mistake Options

Now you've seen your knitting mistake, what to do? Here are your options:

Option 1: Rip back all the way to the mistake, ugh!

Option 2: Convince yourself that you'll never notice it (oh, but you will)!

Option 3:  How about a painless way to correct these errant stitches without ripping back row after row? Repair a knitting mistake (hint: choose this option!)

How to Repair Mistake in Ribbing

Step 1: Knit Side:  Locate the mis-worked stitch.  In the image above you'll see I have a couple of "purls" that should have been "knits".
Follow those stitches upward until you locate the corresponding live stitch on the needle and work up to that stitch.

Step 2: Drop that corresponding live stitch and let it ladder down to the row before the error.    

Step 3: Notice the horizontal bars that were left behind when we dropped this stitch.  We'll use those bars to ladder the stitch all the way back up to the needle.
Using a stitch repair tool, crochet hook, or the needle tip - insert your tool into the dropped loop and then snag the horizontal bar and pull it thru the loop.

Step 4: Repeat this (snagging the ladder and pulling it thru) working upwards toward the needle until you are ready to re-seat the stitch on the needle.  


Re-seat stitch. Rib repaired! 

If working this repair on the Purl Side:  Exactly the same steps except you will turn your work and work it as a knit repair on the wrong side.


P.S.  This is also a handy trick to re-work any loose or misshapen stitches or dropped stitches!

Happy Knitting,
- Donna, The Knitting Doctor