All we are saying, is give lace a chance!

Lace Knitting, it's Easier than you Think!

Lace Knitting, it's Easier than you Think!

Lace Knitting Mystique

One of the many aspects of lace, (besides its beauty) is an aura of complexity and difficulty. Most knitters believe that lace shouldn't be attempted until you are an intermediate knitter or expert.  That's just not so.  Lace projects can be involved and intricate, but those intimidating projects are just a small portion of what can be done.  The majority of stitches and projects are easy to understand and achieve.  Better still some really beautiful lace stitch patterns are easy to remember too, ensuring a very satisfying knit and beautiful end result.

Perfect way to try Lace:  Elizabeth Lace Shawl Knitting pattern  there's a  Free Knit along  for this Project

Perfect way to try Lace: Elizabeth Lace Shawl Knitting pattern there's a Free Knit along for this Project

What Stitches You Should Know or Learn

The following is a basic list of what you will typically find included in a lace patterns: 

  • K:  knit
  • K2TOG:  knit 2 together
  • P:  purl
  • P2TOG:  purl 2 together
  • PSSO:  pass slip stitch over
  • SKP:  slip knit pass
  • SSK:  slip slip knit
  • TBL:  through the back loop
  • YO:  yarn over

Why Consider A Lace Pattern

Once you know what stitches might be included here are some hints on why you may want to consider a lace pattern:

  • Takes a good deal less yarn.  The more open the pattern, the less yarn you'll use.
  • Universally flattering
  • Many patterns have written instructions as well as charted
  • An uncomplicated lace will make a semi-solid or space-dyed yarn sing

Tips For Success

  • Choose bamboo needles for silky or slippery fiber, metal for fuzzy fibers. 
  • Tapered or sharp tipped needles are best for lifting stitches and knitting them together.
  • In lieu of a sharp tipped needle, use the point of a sharp tipped cable needle to lift pesky stitches.
  • Create a practice swatch in the lace pattern stitch.  This will help you practice the lace motif on a small area first.

Happy (lace) knitting!

- Donna, Your Friendly Knitting Doctor