Knitting: How-to Knit

How to Make the Knit Stitch Knitting

In this knitting tutorial, you'll learn the most basic stitch, the knit stitch. Now, let's get started!

Some people like to learn new techniques by watching, others prefer to learn by reading. We have included a How to Do the Knit Stitch video as well as written out step-by-step tutorial.

Let me know in the comments below which method works best for you!

Step 1:  Place the needle holding the cast-on stitches in your left hand, ensuring the yarn tail is at the bottom, and the working yarn (the yarn attached to the ball) is at the top near the needle tip.
Step 2:  Holding the second needle in your right hand, insert the tip of this needle into the stitch (or loop) closest to the tip of the left hand needle.  Looking at the image above, the needles form an X  (left hand needle in front, right hand needle behind and working yarn in back).

Step 3:  With your right hand, move the working yarn from the back, forward between the needle tips (towards your body). 

Step 4:  With the right hand needle tip swoop downward and catch the yarn that you just moved forward drawing it through the loop.
Step 5:  With right hand needle, slide the loop just made off the left hand needle. One knit stitch made.

Repeat these steps across the row. When you reach the end of the row, place the needle with the knitted stitches back in your left hand and continue knitting. When you knit every row, that is also known as the Garter Stitch.

When you are ready to take the stitches off the needle, that is known as binding off. Learn how to Bind Off >