Knitting: How to Cast Off

Casting off knitting or binding off is the term used to take a knitting project off the needles to finish it. 

Here's how it's done in a few simple steps.

As shown in photos above:

Step 1:  Knit the first stitch as usual.

Step 2:  Knit the second stitch.

Step 3:  Insert the tip of the left hand needle (from left to right) into the first stitch that you just knit on this row.

Step 4:  Lift this stitch over the second stitch (this is the stitch closest to the right hand needle tip), and off the needle.

Step 5: Continue to knit a stitch and lift a stitch over and off the needle (as above). until only 1 loop remains. Your bound-off row will start to look like this (see photo above, center)

Step 6:  Cut yarn and draw through last loop. Bind off completed!

Knitting Tip:  Bind-off loosely! If your bind off is too tight, try going up a needle size or two.