What to knit for men that they'll actually wear?

What to knit for guys that they'll actually wear?

What Knitted Project Will Guys Actually Want to Wear?

As the Knitting Doctor, I get this question so often, "what can I knit for my boyfriend/father/husband/son/friend that he'll actually wear?" Well, I went out and asked the fellas what they would want knitted for them. Read on to find out what they chose!

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Knitting small projects for the men in our lives can be very fulfilling, but only if it is the right project and your finished piece is actually liked and worn. If you are wanting to create a larger project - sweaters, vests, and blankets are good mens knitting projects as well.

Hats and scarfs are usually a good bet. They are portable projects that don't require a huge time commitment and you can splurge on a luxurious fiber. 

I asked men what they wanted to wear

For my project, I decided to knit a hat.  I had an idea of what I thought was the right fiber, the right color and right design, but decided to put the question to the guys in my husbands barber shop.  They range in age from 20 something on up.  All pretty fashion savvy too, so I'm going to get the real deal to what's on trend. 

What's On Trend for Men

Surprisingly,  it was a unanimous vote for a classic watch cap in a basic rib that is deep enough to pull down over their ears.  The hat also needs to be soft with no itchiness and the number one color they chose . . . black.  Other colors leading the pack were blues and shades of grey.

So this an easy one.  One classic watch cap coming up.  Ta Da! 

Knit for Guys Free Hat Knitting Pattern

Blackwatch James Free Hat Knitting Pattern

This quick and easy to knit hat crosses all the "t"s and dots all the "i"s of the requirements mentioned above of what men really want to wear. Blackwatch James is a one skein free knitting pattern. It's sure to become your go-to knitting project for all the guys in your life.

You will need:

  • 1 hank Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky Yarn (available on Amazon)

  • Size 9 circular 16” needle or size to get gauge

  • Size 9 double pointed needles

  • 1 Locking stitch marker

  • Finishing Needle