Brioche Knitting

Unapologetic Knitter Slanted View Brioche Cowl Knitting Pattern

Unapologetic Knitter Slanted View Brioche Cowl Knitting Pattern

What is Brioche Knitting?
Brioche knitting projects popular as they are today have actually been knitted since the 1800's. Unlike traditional knitting projects, the Brioche process will yield a fabric that is light and fluffy, with some density, having the look of a double knitted fabric.  If worked in more than one color it will produce a project that is totally reversible and  strikingly unique.

How to Knit Brioche?
Brioche projects start with a different type of cast-on and bind-off.  Both are much looser than normal and done either over 2 of the project needles held together or using a needle 2 sizes larger.  The 1st row is then a foundation row.  For this foundation row your pattern will specify stitches that are slipped and then followed by a yarnover.  Next row the brioche magic happens. The slipped stitch and yarnover created on the foundation are knitted together. These two stitches knitted together create the Brioche Knit Stitch or BRK.  For a Brioche Purl Stitch or BRP the two stitches are purled together.  

Breezy Free Knit Along  - A great introduction to brioche knitting!

Breezy Free Knit Along - A great introduction to brioche knitting!

To dive deeper into Brioche waters check out our free Breezy Broiche Knit Along

It Brioche Knitting Hard?

Brioche is not difficult at all. In fact,if you've ever worked the Fisherman's Rib stitch (i.e. knitted ribbing by knitting into the stitch below) you've already done Brioche. However, you will need to learn some new abbreviations and how you think about combining stitches, but nothing more than that.

Brioche patterns typically have detailed instructions for the Brioche stitches used making them easy to follow and create.

How Brioche Knitting Differs From Standard Knitting

  • Takes twice the amount of yarn than a traditional project.

  • Ability to work simple to intricate 2 color projects that are totally reversible and unique.

  • Typically brioche projects take a little longer to create.

  • Takes 2 rows (or 4 rows depending on the design) of Brioche knitting to equal 1 row of a traditional knit.

  • Produces a very stretchy fabric that will need to be contained by edging stitches.

  • The same stitch can be worked several ways.

  • Special cast-on is required.

What Skills Should I Have?

Here's the skill you'll need to cover when diving into Brioche:

  • Knit

  • Purl

  • Yarn Over

  • Slipping A Stitch

  • Cast-on Over 2 Needles

  • Binding-off Over 2 Needles

Give Brioche a try.  It is well worth and a fascinating knitting technique to explore!