Knitting in the Round: How to Change Needles

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Hello NobleKnitters! It's Donna the Knitting Doctor here at NobleKnits and today I'm going to be sharing a short video on how to change needles in the middle of a circular knitting project. 

So here I have a project on a set of circulars. I have knitted up to my marker. My pattern now tells me I need to change the needle size. So what I'll do is remove the marker, pick up the new needle size, and just merely begin to knit with that needle. As I work my way around, all my stitches will load onto the new needle and off of the old. That is literally how simple it is. 

PS. When all the stitches are moved to the new needle, don't forget to put your marker back on!

Again, that's how to change needle sizes in the middle of a circular knitting project. Thanks so much for watching. If you like this video, please give us a thumbs up, comment, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel