Knitting Tip: How to Bind Off Knitting In the Round

How to Bind Off Knitting in the Round

Casting off your knitting in the round is simple to do. You’ll bind off exactly as you would on straight needles with one exception - the last stitch on the circular needle.

Binding off in the round normally flows fairly easily until it comes to last last bound-off stitch. 

Typically, you bind-off that last stitch and secure it.  Next step is to weave in the tail connecting it to the 1st bound off stitch.  

Sometimes the join looks invisible. 

Sometimes not so much.  We can avoid that problem very easily.

What if we added one more step so the last bind-off flows perfectly the first time and every time?

Here's How It's Done:

Step 1.  Bind-off the last stitch.

Step 2.  Locate the first bound-off stitch.  The image above shows the needle tip pointed at this 1st stitch.  This stitch also angles to the left.

Step 3. Insert the needle tip into the stitch as shown above, wrap the yarn as if to knit and draw it through and bind-off.

Step 4. Cut yarn tail, draw thru as usual and weave in yarn end.