Fiesta La Boheme Easy One-Skein Shaw

Easy Shawl Free Knitting Pattern - One Skein Project!

Easy Shawl Free Knitting Pattern - One Skein Project!

One Skein Shawl Free Knitting Pattern - This triangle shawl is one of my favorite projects to make.

I love that you start out with three stitches and just keep increasing until it is time to bind off. It's a "no think" knitting project that's perfect for knitting on the go, watching tv, or when you want a mindless project that provides beautiful results.

This one features just one skein of Fiesta La Boheme yarn. As you can see, the simple design allows the gorgeous hand dyed yarn to shine.

You will need:

  • 1 ball Fiesta La Boheme Yarn

  • Size US 17 straight or circular needles


 This pattern is worked entirely in garter stitch (knit every row)

  1. Cast on 3 stitches

  2. Increase 1 stitch at the beginning of every row until there are approximately 50 stitches on the needle

  3. When you reach 50 stitches on the needle, increase 1 stitch at the BEGINNING and END of every row until only a few yards of yarn remain.

  4. Bind off VERY loosely.

More info on this shawl!

Hi, it's Nancy Queen again from I'm here to talk to you today about a one-ball triangle scarf (shawl) that we just posted as a free pattern on our website.

It uses one-skein of Fiesta hand dyed La Boheme yarn. We've had a couple of inquiries about how it's made and it's really one of my favorite patterns because it is so simple and easy to do.

So you just start out with 3 stitches at the bottom point of  the shawl. You'll be up on a size US 17 needle. Then, what you do is you is in all garter stitch - knitting every row - you're going to just increase at the beginning of every row.

You can do a "make one" increase or a "knit in front and back" increase. I usually do a knit in front and back increase on this shawl. I find it a lot easier and faster and it's not really going to effect the way this it looks. So, you'll increase at the beginning of every row until you have 50 stitches on your needle.

Then you are going to create these long tails off of the triangle, so you are going to increase at the beginning and end of every row. When you have approximately five yards of yarn remaining on the ball, you'll bind off.

Be sure to bind off as loose as you possibly can. You might even want to go up to a US 19 or 35 needle to bind off. It almost looks like you are making a mistake because it is so loose, but that is what gives this shawl it's shape.

It makes the shawl points so long. Here I'm folding it in half and you can see how long the finished edge is. The result is a really nice large triangle shawl.