How to Fix Uneven Stitches

Knitting Tip! How to Fix Uneven Stitches

Knitting Tip! How to Fix Uneven Stitches

Are your stitches uneven? Yes, some projects will always look untidy until blocked, or some fiber choices cause inconsistent knitting. Is there something else to do to fix uneven stitches?

Let's talk about my current knitting project

Right now I'm working a project which has a decent amount of both eyelets and stockinette stitches. My stitching is not so attractive. The stockinette is irregular and the eyelets are too big. That's the bad news. The good news is my gauge is spot on. So where to go from there? Before concluding it's just the yarn, let's look at a few other reasons for uneven stitches.

Check Your Needles

I bet you think I'm going to tell you to change your needle size.   That would be a good idea if the gauge was not right on target, but it is. Then how about changing the type of needle?

What's The Point?

Needle style/type can make all the difference and so can the sharpness or bluntness of the tip.

In my case, I decided to swap out a blunt tipped wood for a chiseled tip metal and that made made all the difference.   So how do you know?  

Why Change Needle Type:

  • Stitches stick and you struggle to push the stitches up to the tips
  • Difficult to get the tips under stitches ( i.e. yarn overs and k2tog)
  • Stitches are too slippery and slide off the tips
  • Tension is inconsistent
  • Hands are cramping from gripping too tightly and struggling to move the stitches
  • Time to take a look at my work (shown here)

Looking good?  You bet!  Until next time...

Happy Knitting!

- Donna, Your Friendly Knitting Doctor