Knitting: How to Turn vs Wrap & Turn

Knitting Tip! What’s the difference between turns vs wrap & turns?

"What is the difference between Turns vs Wrap & Turns?"

This is a question that comes up a lot and is most frequently asked this way. “When my pattern tells me to Turn, they mean Wrap & Turn, right? “ Wrong!

Let's discover how these techniques are different and how they are used.

What is a Wrap & Turn?

Used to add depth and curve to a design (example:  a rounded bottom of a garment, the curve of a shawl).

Involves wrapping the yarn around a stitch and then turning the work. Gaps show up but disappear when the wraps are knitted along with the stitch.

Patterns will always tell you it is a Wrap & Turn with the abbreviation w&t.

Turn - shown here to create an eyelet

Turn - shown here to create an eyelet

What is a Turn?

A turn is just that . . . turn your work and proceed. It can be used to leave an intentional gap (i.e. alternative method of creating eyelets).

May be paired with a decrease stitch to close the gap and create depth and curve (example: building a crescent shawl shape, turning the heel on a sock).

So now you know the difference!

Happy Knitting,