Knitting Guide: Row Counters

This handy knitting guide shows you different types of row counters and how they are used.

Hi! It's Nancy Queen from NobleKnits and I'm going to talk to you today about row counters. Now, row counters are a handy tool to have because they just keep track of your rows, so you don't have to keep that information in your head. Have you ever gone back to a knitting project and not known what row you are on? It takes weeks, if not months, to figure it out (and a lot of frustration)! 

Let's take a look here at a project. This one has a four row repeat. So if you set down your knitting, sometimes it's hard to tell (or remember) what row you are on. Well, with this little counter, you'll be able to tell.

There are three types of row counters here. This round row counter is a little more traditional. It has a hole which allows it to slip on to the end of your needle. You'll slide it down to the end and the knitting goes here. When you get to the end of the row, you'll just turn the wheel to the next number. You'll do that every time you finish a row. When knitting, you'll only have it on one needle and you'll need to make sure you turn the wheel after every row.

The next row counter we have is the Mini Kacha-Kacha Counter. This is a very popular item. It has a clicker on the top and a little hole on the other end so you can thread it with some ribbon or yarn. You can wear it as a necklace while you are knitting. When you finish a row, you will click it. It resets very easily. The counter goes up to 99 and when you are done, you'll just set it back to zero. Then it's ready for your next project. That's the Mini Kacha-Kacha Counter.

This is the Clover Kacha-Kacha Counter, it's the original. On this one, you just click the top. Again, this one goes to 99 and has a very satisfying click sound. The only issue I've found is that you have to make sure family members don't come along and make a few clicks when you are away from your knitting. When I put down my knitting, I write down what row I'm on. So if they've clicked, it won't throw off my knitting. With this counter, after I finish a row, I click.