Zaubershawl Free Knitting Pattern

Zaubershawl Free Knitting Pattern - Easy one-ball project!

Zaubershawl Free Knitting Pattern - Easy one-ball project!

This easy to knit shawl is perfect for knitters of all skill levels. Featuring self-striping Zauberball yarn, it’s knit on the diagonal and worked from side to side. 

Skill Level: Beginner

Gauge: 18 sts and 36 rows to 4" in garter stitch

Completed Shawl Measures: 20" high at center x 44" wide, unstretched

You will need:

Zauberball is available in 16 gorgeous ombre colorways. What color will your Zaubershawl be?

diagonal shawl.png

Hello Noble Knitters! It's Nancy Queen and I'm back again from to tell you about the Zaubershawl. This gorgeous shawl is available as a free pattern on our blog. I'll show can just download the free PDF pattern - there's more details on our blog.

I just wanted to tell you a little bit about what makes this shawl so interesting and fun to knit. It's definitely a beginner project. When you knit a traditional triangle shawl, you tend to increase to the center point, and then decrease down to the other end.

With this shawl, you start at one end with just three stitches. You knit back and forth (in garter stitch) and increase on just one side. So, what happens is, your rows get wider and wider and wider until you have these really long rows. Then you bind off and that increase side becomes the top of your shawl. The technique is amazing and it turns into this gorgeous diagonal shawl.

Again, it's a free pattern. It's called the Zaubershawl at

Easy to knit Zaubershawl Free Knitting Pattern

Easy to knit Zaubershawl Free Knitting Pattern

Want your Zaubershawl larger? Buy another ball and just continue in the pattern until shawl reaches the desired size.
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Happy knitting!