How to Crochet: Finishing Off

Hi NobleKnitters! It's Suzanne with here with another crochet technique. Today's technique is going to be how to fasten off or finish off a crochet project. So right now we have the project where we've been doing nine single crochet. I'm going to finish that off by crocheting that last couple stitches here in this row. 

Alright, so this is the last single crochet that we have in this row of nine. In order to fasten off, all we need to do is leave about a four inch tail on your crochet project. I'm actually going to just cut the yarn now.  

One thing I want to remind you about is that when you cut this yarn to end it and when you begin your project with the tail, you want to leave a pretty good about four or five inches. Because in the next video, I'll show you how to finish this yarn off even more. We are going to weave this yarn into the project so that it will seemingly disappear into the project and you won't even see it. But, if you leave yourself not enough of a tail and you just cut off, say, this short amount, there's just not enough to weave in. Then you'll have little pieces of yarn sticking out, it won't look as pretty and it could unravel.

Ok, so we are on our last stitch and we've cut our yarn off to about four inches. So all we do is yarn over, and pull through. Then tighten this up a little bit and that actually makes your knot. Your project is finished off! That's all there is to complete it.  Next time, I'll show you how to weave the ends in.

This has been fastening off or finishing off your crochet project. I'm Suzanne with NobleKnits. Like, comment, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching!