How to Crochet: the Slip Stitch

Hi NobleKnitters! It's Suzanne with with another crochet technique for you. It's called the Slip Stitch.

The Slip Stitch is the smallest of the stitches that you are going to be making in crochet and probably the easiest next to the chain stitch. A chain stitch is used for moving across a row of stitches without adding any height. It's also used to join to ends or a row together. It's used for edging sometimes and some people use it to join different colors of yarn. 

To get started with the Slip Stitch, like I said, it's the smallest of all the stitches especially in height. So to begin, I did a foundation chain so we can work our stitches. So let's go into the second chain from the hook. Here is the first one and here is the second one. So we're just going to insert our hook in. We're not going to yarn over to start with, but we are going to yarn over now, just like all the other stitches. We're going to pull through the chain and instead of wrapping and pulling through, we're just going to pull through again. That's what makes it the smallest stitch. We're not wrapping over before we insert the hook, and we're not wrapping over after we pull the stitch through. 

Once again, I'll show you. You go in, yarn over, then pull through, and pull through again. Let's do it again. You go into your stitch, yarn over, pull through, and pull through again. No wrapping over. 

Go into your stitch, yarn over, pull through, and pull through again. There's no wrapping over before you go into the stitch. Go into the stitch, yarn over pull through, and pull through again. When you stop and look at it, it doesn't actually look like a single crochet. It's so you can move along the stitches in your row. It does, however, leave you with the v's up at the top like we get from the other stitches. 

Ok, so I'm going to work to the end so I can demonstrate how we do our turning chain if we are moving from one row to the next. I just want to show you that really quick. So one more slip stitch here. So we go into the stitch, yarn over, pull through one, pull through two. So now we need to increase so we have some height so we can turn. So we'll do a chain one. And then this is like a single crochet, we go into the first stitch here. Go under the v's and yarn over. Pull through and pull through. Oops, it got a little loose when I pulled through. Ok, so we go into the stitch under those v's. Since it's so much shorter, it's a little bit tighter and a little bit harder to get into. Pull through and pull through again.

I want to show you just real quick, too, how you would do this if you wanted to join a circle, rather, join a row to make a circle. So we have a row of chain stitches here, a foundation chain. In order to use your slip stitch to join two ends, all you do is look for your first chain. This would be your last chain and this would be your first chain. So you go into that first chain, yarn over, pull through, and pull through. That's how you can join the yarn rows together to make a circle. 

Once again this is the slip stitch and I'm Suzanne with Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, like and comment below. Thanks for watching!