Knitting Tip: How-to Improve Yarn Tension

Tension, simply put, is nothing more than how tightly or loosely you wrap the yarn when working the knit and purl stitches.  Neither is right or wrong and no matter what your style, the key to success is consistency.  

Knitting Tips to Improve Tension

  1. Learning to create uniform stitches is like learning to ride a bike. You'll wobble before you glide.

  2. Take your time and enjoy the experience as your hands develop their individual rhythm. Speed and beautiful stitches will come with practice and repetition.

  3. It's not uncommon for your hands to feel awkward at first as you learn to maneuver the needles and yarn. This will go away before you know it.

  4. Try to finish an entire row before putting your knitting down. Stopping in the middle of the row may produce a misshapen stitch.

  5. Relax your hands. You'll accomplish just as much. Cramped hands are no fun!

Most importantly! Don't forget to have fun as you build your skills!