Ethereal Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

One skein project! Let me start by telling you about this magical yarn. Feza Nico is a lovely lace weight yarn with a bicolor tone. For example, I used the Red Haze color and it features a gorgeous purple haze - you can see the flecks of purple in the photo below!  

The result is a light, almost weightless shawl with an etherial feel. This is a very easy knitting project and the large finished shawl may be worn in a variety of ways!

Etherial Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

Completed Shawl Measures: approximately 13" wide x 72" long, after light blocking

Gauge: 15 sts to 4" in stockinette stitch

You will need:

Cast on 50 stitches

Row 1 Knit

Row 2 Purl

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until only a few yards of yarn remain

Bind off loosely and weave in yarn ends

Happy knitting!