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Knitting: How-to Purl

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Purling is the second stitch learned in knitting. Once you learn the knit stitch and the purl stitch, you'll find that all other stitches are simply a combination or a variation of these two basic stitches. Here's how-to purl in just a few simple steps.

Step 1:  Place the needle holding the cast-on stitches in your left hand, ensuring the yarn tail is at the bottom, and the working yarn (the yarn attached to the ball) is at the top near the needle tip.

Step 2:  Holding the second needle in your right hand, insert the tip of this needle into the stitch (or loop) closest to the tip of the left hand needle from top to bottom .   

Looking at the image above, the needles form a +  (left hand needle behind, right hand needle in the front and angled slightly downward).  The working yarn is being held forward and upward , so it's ready to wrap.

Step 3:  With your right hand, swing the working yarn to the left and bring it around the right hand needle, wrapping that needle counter-clockwise. The images above show how it's done.

Step 4:  With the right hand needle tip scoop upward and catch the yarn that you just wrapped, drawing it through the loop.

Step 5:  With right hand needle, slide the loop just made off the left hand needle. One purl stitch made.

Repeat these steps across the row.  When you alternate a knit row with a purl row you produce the stockinette stitch.

How-to Seam in Garter Stitch

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Learning to join seams with a clean edge can add a polished and professional finish to your completed knitting project. Here's how-to join garter stitch (knit every row) panels in just a few easy steps!

Step 1:  Thread the needle with the yarn you are using to seam (if you leave yourself a long enough tail when casting-on you can use that strand).
Step 2:  Place pieces to be seamed side by side - right sides up.   Using a flat surface to support your pieces works best.
Step 3:  Insert the needle from back to front into the corner stitch of the piece without the tail.

Step 4:  Insert the needle from back to front into the stitch with the cast-on tail. Pull yarn gently to pull edges together.

Step 5:  Now from back to front, insert the needle into the stitch on the piece without the tail (right back where you started). Again pull yarn gently to draw the edges together and lock the 1st stitch. 

Each garter ridge ( which is made by knitting one row on the right side and knitting a row on the wrong side ) is composed of a top and bottom loop (shown image above, right).

Step 6:  Starting on the left side, begin seaming by catching the bottom loop of the edge stitch on the ridge, (shown image above, left ) and draw the yarn through.
Step 7:  Move to the opposite piece and catch the top loop on the ridge.  Draw your yarn through.

Step 8:  Continue alternating sides until you reach the top of the piece, then fasten off.  
As you progress through the seaming, occasionally stretch your piece to make sure your seaming is not too tight which will cause your project to pucker. The second image (above) will also show what the seam looks like from the front when properly done. And the third image shows what your seam will look like from the back.

Tiny Knitting with Mochimochi Land!

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Knitting fun in less than two inches!

Just in time for your holiday knitting, these adorable, quick knit, and tiny kits have arrived from Mochimochi Land. The newest creations of designer, Anna Hrachovec, includes tiny Hedgehogs, Owls, and Foxes. Knit them as pocket friends, Christmas tree ornaments, gift toppers, pins, or backpack hanger. Each kit is perfectly packaged so you can choose to knit them yourself or give as a gift to your favorite knitter. Kits include material to make two or three tiny friends.

There's more tiny knitting!

Check out the entire collection of Tiny Knitting Kits including: Cats, Dogs, Bees, Hamburgers, Clowns, Frogs, Gnomes, Pandas, Penguins, Pirates, Santa, Sushi, Unicorns, Vikings, Zombies, Snowmen, and Turtles.

Cleo Cowl Beginner Knitting Pattern

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Free Knitting Pattern featuring Cleo Yarn

Free Knitting Pattern featuring Cleo Yarn

Warm, cozy, and easy to knit! With the holidays just around the corner, you'll love this quick-knit cowl. The finished result is plush and fuzzy with a faux fur appeal. Cleo is a plush wool blend yarn.

Skill Level: Easy!

You will need:

Completed Cowl Measures: 8" high x 40" circumference

Gauge: 10 sts to 4" on US 10 needles


  • Cast on 100 stitches, place marker and join in round being careful not to twist stitches
  • Every round: Knit
  • When only a few yards of yarn remain, bind off loosely.
  • Weave in yarn ends.

Knitting Top 10 List: October 2014

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Knitting Top 10 List: October 2014

Knitting Top 10 List: October 2014

October kicked off the knitting season. Knitters got back into the game in full force with small and interesting to knit projects. Here's a recap of our ten most popular projects that got your needles clacking.