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Prose Socks Free Knitting Pattern

Knitting socks from the toe-up is a genius idea! It allows you to try on the socks so you can insure a proper fit and length. This free pattern features Wisdom Prose yarn. You'll knit wide colorful stripes while the yarn does the color changes for you! This simple, basic sock pattern is a must-have for your knitting library. Download the pattern and keep it in your knitting bag.

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How to Knit Socks from the Toe-Up

Ready to learn a few new skills and up your knitting game? Then join me as we knit along together to create cushy pair of socks the toe-up way!  

We won't need to be a whiz with double pointed needles or the magic loop either. For this knit along, we'll learn to use 2 circular needles to work those small areas, create a seamless toe, a no-gusset (i.e. easy) heel and the perfect stretchy bind-off worked with reverse yarnovers. This is going to be one of the easiest and fastest socks ever! 

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