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How to Join Knitting in the Round

I know why you are here. You most likely just started knitting in the round on circular or double pointed needles and the pattern you are using states "join yarn" and begin knitting in the round. The reason you will be joining the knitting is so that you can knit in one continuous, seamless loop.

Joining your knitting is REALLY easy. I'm going to show you how it's done.

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How to Start a Knitting Club for 2 or 200

Have you ever been knitting in public (doctor's office, train, bus, library, sporting event, airport, school pick up line, etc) and someone strikes up a conversation with you about knitting? Knitting is a very social hobby! It brings people together and helps to develop bonds. If you've been wanting to connect more with others, why not join or start your own knitting club? Both are very easy to do and cost nothing to get started.  

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Knitting Abbreviations

Why are there knitting abbreviations? To shorten the amount of time it takes to read (and write!) knitting patterns, designers use popular abbreviations to help writing easier. They may seem cryptic when you first see them, but after a while you'll be able to glance at a full row and know exactly what the designer wants you to do.

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