Knitter's Pride Dreamz Interchangeable Needles Review

Hi NobleKnitters! It's Donna and I'm the Knitting Doctor here at NobleKnits. Today I'm going to be sharing with you, the Knitter's Pride Dreamz Symfonie Needle Set (Symphony Dreams). So this is Knitter's Pride, the wooden needles. 

It is an interchangeable set that goes from size US 4 up to size US 11. It also includes size US 10.5. I am going to take this kit apart so you can see what you get here. Here is your set of needles. They are all color coded, so you won't have to worry about if you take them off this you have the right needles. You are going to know immediately. 

The other thing that is really nice about these needles...and I'm just going to slide two off of that not only do they have their needle size written or stamped here on the wood, that information is also going to be on the metal cap here or the metal collar. I don't know about you, but after I've used my needles a couple of times, whatever size was written on there is long gone. So, if they've been used a couple times, you will still know what size needle you have.

They have a nice tapered tip so they are good for working with lace or any eyelet stitches. Also, they are really a cross between a metal and a bamboo. Ok, so why is this important? Often, new knitters will say to me, "Well, what needles to I get?" My response is usually, "what needles do you like?" They respond with, "I don't know, because I use metal and I use bamboo." These are going to be a cross in between. 

Knitter's Pride Dreamz have a really, really nice smooth finish. It almost feels like a wax. So you're going to have the slide of the metal and you are also going to have the grip of the bamboo. So, you're getting the best of both worlds with these needles. I think that, along with the tapered tip, is why knitters love these needles so much - I know I do!

How to Use Knitter's Pride Interchangeable Knitting Needles

It's very simple. You are going to get, actually, four cables and they come in a little bag along with a key and two plastic discs with each of these cables. What I'm going to do is take the end of my needle and I'm going to screw it in to the threaded end of the cable. Now, this next part is really important. You are going to pick up this little key and slide it through the hole that is pre-drilled. You'll turn the needle one direction and the cable key the other direction. What that does is it gives you a really tight join. 

When you get your needles, it's really important to use that key. People have said to me, you know I have a set of interchangeable needles but my tips keep coming off and I lose my stitches. Invariably, I'll ask them if they've used the key and the answer is always, "no, but I know I've tightened them really tight." So, I've asked my knitters to go ahead and humor me and use that cable key or cord key and tighten up their needles. Give me a call back when their needles come apart again. Invariably, I don't think I've had anyone come back to me and said, ooh I've lost my needle tips. That literally is the key, no pun intended, to keep those tips on those interchangeable sets. 

You are going to get 4 cables with this set: one 24 inch, two 32 inch cables, and one 40 inch cable. You'll also get keys and end caps. Now, what are the end caps for? Let's get to them! Say, you are working on a project, maybe you've put it down for some reason or there's another project you want to get to but it takes the same size needle. You can go and you can unscrew these needle tips. I'm going to go back in and use my key. I'm going to use the key not only to put the tip on, but I'm going to use it to take the tip off. Pretend I have some knitting on here. I'm going to screw on my end cap and now you have a really hand way to hold your project or even use it as a stitch holder. That's what those caps are for.

So that's Knitter's Pride Interchangeable Needle Set (available on Amazon). It's a full set. You are also going to have a nice little plastic container to keep the cables cords in. It keeps everything neat and tidy. Knitter's Pride stands behind their product, so should you get a tip that for some reason does not fit the threaded end, they will stand behind that product. You just reach out to us, contact us, let us know there's an issue and they will make that right for you. 

It's Donna the Knitting Doctor. If you've like this segment, comment below, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thanks so much and have a great knitting day!

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