Knitting Tip: Give Your Yarn the Cold Shoulder

Give Your Yarn the Cold Shoulder!

Give Your Yarn the Cold Shoulder!

Yes, that's right - The Cold Shoulder via our refrigerator's freezer.   

Why Freeze Yarn Overnight

Dispel most unwanted odors.  Works on cigarette smoke, cooking odors and other assorted smellies.

Before ripping out mohair and other fuzzy yarns, freeze them overnight.  The cold will help the fuzzy fingers untangle and make it much easier to  frog and rip.

No fancy tools needed either.  Just pop your fiber in a plastic bag to protect it and pop in the freezer!

Happy Knitting!

- Donna, Your Friendly Knitting Doctor


Donna Pelzar

Donna (aka the Knitting Doctor) is the face behind The New Street Knitter patterns. She teaches knitting instruction for all skill levels in her studio and loves to focus on techniques and interesting stitch patterns. She recently expanded into pattern design and we are thrilled to be able to offer her patterns at NobleKnits. Donna also hosts all of our Knit Alongs.