Knitting Tip: What to do if you don't have a blocking board

Need a place to block a really large project? Then you'll love this alternative to blocking boards for your oversized knitting projects.

When Your Project is Just Plain Big - Being big isn’t a bad thing, especially if it’s a  shawl with ample wingspan or an oversized throw, but how on earth do you block them.

You could use multiple bath towels and every blocking board you own, or you could use what I do...

No blocking board? No problem! Use a yoga mat

No blocking board? No problem! Use a yoga mat

I use a yoga mat and sometimes more than onel  The image above is  my latest project (a shawl with a very generous wingspan).  It is draped and shaped over 2 yoga mats then pinned. Works like a charm and guess what, these mats are typically self healing so you can pin to your heart’s content!

How do you like that?

Happy Knitting,