How to Start a Crochet Chain

I'm going to show you a crochet technique for how to do a chain stitch. It's the foundation for any kind of crochet project. How you start a crochet chain is with a slip knot. To do a slip knot, you just fold one end of yarn over the piece of yarn to make a little loop. Then you bring your crochet hook through and tighten gently. It makes a little knot on there. 

One of the most important things about this stitch, the chain stitch, and your slip knot for that matter - is that you keep it nice and loose. You don't want to be too tight. So, to begin your chain, you'll just loop the yarn over the hook and pull through the loop on the hook. That is one single chain that you have just made. 

Now bring your yarn over the hook and pull through the loop on the hook. Now you have made two chains. Bring the yarn over the hook and pull it through - 3 chains.

You just keep doing 4, 5 chains made. Now 6...see it makes a row of stitches that are the foundation for the rest of your project. 

Another important thing to remember as you are working these stitches, is to keep your fingers moving up the chain. It makes it easier to control the chain.

So that's your technique for today; a chain stitch. Thanks for watching! Like us, comment, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel