Knitting Tip - How To Work With Unevenly Spun Yarn

Rustic  Yarns Thick and Thin = Visual Appeal

Rustic  Yarns Thick and Thin = Visual Appeal

Roving or Rustic Spun Yarn

I love yarns with character and substance and that's what these roving/rustic yarns deliver.  By nature they are not evenly spun and minor stitch variation should be expected and can add to the visual appeal of your project.  But what about when the variations aren't minor and detract from your projects overall appearance?  Not to worry though, there's a quick and easy tip for that.

Unspun Areas

Take a look at the image  below.  Zero in on the area I"m pointing to.  It's isn't a yarn defect in fact it's a pretty common characteristic of this yarn category.  In our case the area appears almost unspun right?   So  , , , what to do?

You can leave it just as it is and you will get the look as in the image below . . . 

Or you can even out the fiber like this  , , , 

Rolling The Unspun Area

Rolling The Unspun Area

Dampen your palms lightly and place the area you wish to even out between your hands. Gently roll the strand until it is close to the diameter of the surrounding fiber. 

How easy is that?

Happy Knitting!

Donna The Knitting Doctor