Yarn Review: FibraNatura Flax Yarn

Yarn Review: FibraNatura Flax Yarn

Hello Knitters. It's Donna, the Knitting Doctor and I'm here to share another of my favorite spring and summer fibers. This one I like to refer to as the Fine Wine Of Fibers. Yes! it is and that's no exaggeration. Fibra Natura Flax Yarn (100% linen) not only does not deteriorate or pill over time, but very much like fine wine it blooms and softens with wearing. And if that's not enough, how about easy care machine washable and durability too.  

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7 Reasons Why You Have to Knit this Yarn

Have you ever worked with a yarn that scored such high marks and were so proud of your project results that you had to tell every knitter you knew?  Well, this is one of those times and I’m about to tell you!  Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky yarn is an underestimated and overlooked treasure in the knitting arena.

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Plymouth Gina Chunky Yarn Review

Hello NobleKnitters. It's Donna, I'm the knitting doctor here at NobleKnits. Today I'm here to share with you a video that is a yarn review about Gina Chunky yarn by Plymouth and a pattern that we have developed here to go along with this yarn. 

So let's talk a little about the fiber. Gina Chunky is, obviously, a chunky weight yarn. It knits at 3.5 stitches per inch on a size US 10 needle. It is more of a roving in appearance and feel. It's actually more of a homespun rustic yarn, but it is soft. It's surprisingly soft, which not all rustics are that way. So, this is a good one for wearing close-up around your neck and against the body.

It's a self-striping fiber and it comes in some really interesting color ways. They are colors that you probably wouldn't put together if you were choosing something for striping. This particular one is a grass green with a sort of mushroom color and interesting pops of a peach and sort of a bright citron or almost a fluorescent yellow. Again, not quite what you would usually think to put together colors. This one has some blues, some teals, some grays, and some rust in there. Then, of course, we have another one I'm going to show you. This is one of the real popular ones which is sort of a burgundy, a steel blue, shades of brown, and shades of tan. 

That's the yarn. It's going to be hand wash, lay flat to dry. And again, it's 131 yards per ball. You are getting a good amount of yarn here and it's going to knit up really quick.

So let's move onto the project that we've done with the Gina Chunky. This is a three ball project and it's a capelet done in the round. It's nothing more than ribbing, knit, and purl stitches. With this, I think the ribbing actually shows off the self striping and how well these unexpected colors are going to merge and blend with each other. That yellow that you saw that was really a bright, bright yellow in the skein does not shout, I'm bright yellow...it really really blends.

Again it is ribbing. It's 13 inches long and 44" around at rest and it expands at 82" when stretched. This is going to be a one size fits all with just a little bit of decreasing up around the neckline where it's just going to sit nicely around your collarbone. Colette has ribbing with a little something extra that is fun to do, at least I think it is! This is a faux cable. It looks like real cabling, doesn't it? Actually, it is not. If you look on the reverse side, it is rib. 

We have a knit along along with this pattern. The pattern is called Colette by the New Street Knitter. So we will walk you through the faux cables and how to create your own Colette Capelet. If you would like to make one, three balls of Gina Chunky will get you there. If you are tall, you may want to go with an additional ball. Each additional ball will give you another 4 inches in length. 

Colette is a really fun little project for the fall or early winter. You can actually, you know, drape this over a long sleeve tee and out the door you go. 

I'm Donna, the knitting doctor here at NobleKnits. I hope you liked this video. If you did, give us a thumbs up, comment, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching!