Sharon Sheep Beginner Knitting Kit Product Review

Hi NobleKnitters, it's Suzanne with I'm here with another Cool Tools and Tips segment. Today's kit is the Wendy Four Legged Friends Sharon Sheep Knitting Kit

This is Sharon Sheep. She comes in four different colors: Gray, White, Blue, and Pink. I'm going to take the pink one apart here and let you see what's inside. It's a really fun, easy, beginner knitting kit. It comes with the end of a scarf - the head and legs..then the tail and legs already knitted. Then all you need to to is knit the inside body of the scarf. It's a really easy project, the instructions are on the inside label. All it is is knit one, purl one, knit one on the first row. Then, purl one, knit one on the second row. So, very easy beginner project that you'll knit and then sew on head and the tail to make the rest of the sheep.

So, like I said, it's a really easy beginner project. It would be a great project for a teen or a tween. It comes very nicely packaged in a lot of fun colors. The only other instruments you'll need is a size US 8 needle and a finishing needle. 

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