Yarn Review: Blue Sky Alpacas Royal Petites

Hello Noble Knitters! It's KnitDocDonna here today to show you one of my favorite fibers and small project patterns. Today I'm showing you Blue Sky Alpaca Royal Petites yarn. It is 100% alpaca, sport weight, and beautifully plied - and literally soft, soft, soft to the touch. The colors are porcelain like colors and they are going to make a very refined and classic project. 

Now, to go with these yarns, Blue Sky has come up with some really clever patterns. These three, which are all patterns using a 16-inch circular needle - there's the man's Buckingham hat, the Westminster hat, and the Catherine cowl. They are all sort of retro designs. Again, they are done on circular needles.

We also have the Mitini Mitts, the Windsor Mitts (going with the royal theme), and the Countess Mitts which are done on double pointed needles.

Now, I do want you to see the inside of these patterns. The Mitini's, I'll open this one up, inside each of these you are actually going to get a photograph of one of the Blue Sky alpacas along with a little story about them - very clever, very cute! The pattern itself is done on sort-of 1960's graphic paper. It sort of reminds me of the patterns that were available years ago. Remember these? It will show a picture of your project, plus your directions here. Again, these are the Blue Sky projects to go with the Royal Petites Yarn. A great little gift and wonderful for on the go knitting!

Thanks so much for watching!

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