Retromantic Fripperies Knitting Needles Gauges

Hi Noble Knitters! This is Donna, the Knitting Doctor here at Today I'm here to share one of my very favorite knitting accessories with you. They are needle gauges made by a company called Retromantic Fripperies. They are made out of wood and we have some really traditional motifs. One of my favorites is Margaret the Cat and we have a traditional Fleur de Lis. Here's some more Stitch on Wheels, a traditional Sheep, a beehive (also known as a bee skep), and an "&" symbol keystroke

These are all very generously sized, gift for the knitter. Let me show you how they are used. I have a knitting needle and I'm not sure what size it is. So, you'll need to find a hole where the needle tip fits snuggly. So I'll keep moving to smaller holes until the needle fits snug. At a 10.5 I have wiggle room. So I move down to a size 10 hole and the needle fits so I know, that is the needle size. 

Very useful tool! Again, perfect gift for the knitter, gift for a knitting friend or guild member, and absolutely for yourself! These are from Retromantics. Here are the full size and they also come in a key fob (travel) size. Here's our Margaret the Cat in the smaller size. She is the perfect size to fit on the chain that I have for the Retromantic Ruler necklace. It is a four inch ruler - very useful for checking your stitch gauge. The necklace hits at just the right spot, so I'd absolutely at my Margaret Travel needle gauge to that necklace. 

These are all available at, thank you so much for viewing.

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