Knitting Bags: Blue Sky Alpacas Pretty Cheep Project Bags

Hi Noble Knitters! It's Suzanne with here with another Cool Tools & Kits segment. Today I'm going to be reviewing a cool tool and it's a project bag. These are made by Blue Sky Alpaca Yarn Company and they are called Pretty Cheep. "Cheep" referring to cheep! cheep! like a bird. 

They are nice muslin bags. Twelve inches by twelve inches square, nice weight muslin bag. The "cheep" refers to the bird motifs that are silkscreened on here. They come in six different colors. So here the aqua bird, this is the coral's a hummingbird, this next one is lime, this one is periwinkle, this one the color is called berry, and this one is the tangerine with three birds on a wire.

These bags are a nice size. You could fit a couple of balls of yarn in there and a couple of needles. It's a really nice size; not too small, not too big. It has a drawstring closure so you can synch it up real nice. Like I said, it's muslin; it's nice and light weight. It would be really easy to tote around and machine washable as well. 

So these are Blue Sky Alpacas Pretty Cheep Project Bags and they are available at Like us, comment and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thanks for watching!

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