Top 10 Reasons to Knit with Blue Sky Worsted Cotton Yarn

Every once in a while I run across a yarn that stands out from the crowd. Of course, when that happens I want to tell every knitter who will listen! Blue Sky Worsted Cotton Yarn is one of those fibers. I'll confess, I looked at it several times here at NobleKnits but for some reason I never used it in a project...until now.

If you had a chance to see our recent Commuter Cowl Knit Along, you'll see this was the fiber I selected and I'm glad I did! I'm certainly going to use it again and here's what makes Worsted Cotton special.

My Top 10 List!

  1. No pilling - Usually when knitting with a 100% cotton, before I come to the end of my project, those little pills start showing up - not with this yarn no matter how many times I frogged back (and I frog plenty)
  2. Very soft next to the skin as expected 
  3. Glides on your needles and fingers like marshmallow without the sticky, but has surprising body and heft without sacrificing drape. No limp noodle yarn here! 
  4. Fabulous colors - clear, bright, modern shades
  5. good stitch definition
  6. True worsted weight - surprisingly, it's difficult to find a well made cotton that knits up at a worsted weight
  7. Good yardage - The palate is also nice with clear modern colors and the yardage is good at 150 yards per skein
  8. Good value for your dollar - the price point is reasonable and if you look at how long your project is likely to hold up and stay nice it makes the pricing even more attractive
  9. Hand washable
  10. 100% certified organic cotton - uses low impact dyes or naturally grown colors with no dyes

Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton Yarn

Have you had a chance to knit with this yarn? If so, tell us what you think! Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy knitting!

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Donna Pelzar

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