Day 3: Hantsuki Knit Along

Hantsuki Shawl Knit Along Day 3
Hantsuki Shawl Knit Along Day 3

Hello Hantsuki Knitters! 

Today our Hantsuki comes off of our needles, is steam blocked and unveiled! Are you ready? Let's get started!

Time to Bind Off

Go ahead and bind off using a standard bind off and then get ready for a surprise! Our piece has been worked back and forth and has looked relatively straight with slightly sloping sides. That's the shape I'm expecting as it comes off the needles.

Think that's correct? If you said yes (as I did) take a look below!

Knitting Doctor Tip: When working lace projects don't judge your finished product based on the appearance of your work until it comes off the needles and is blocked or steamed. Lace expands and reveals it's true beauty after blocking or steaming.

Try It On

Here's an image off the needles of Hantsuki's preliminary shape. I've draped it over my mannequin to check to see if it is the right length and width, or would I like it longer and wider? I'll also slip it over my own shoulders to see how it fits and drapes.

The width is fine, but I want it a bit more open. The length is about 10 inches, but I think I'd like it a bit longer.

Steam Blocking

Blocking is where we get the opportunity to alter Hantsuki's shape to fit.

I'm using a mannequin again, but a hanger works just fine and so does an ironing board.

How To Steam Block

Holding your steaming source (hand steamer or iron) several inches above the fiber, gently pull your knitted piece in the direction you would like to expand.

If you would like to accentuate points on the capelet, gently pull down the point and steam. 

Knitting Doctor Tip: Use your needle tip as a tool to pull down alace point to be steamed

Take a look at the image below.  No, the image isn't crooked, I've steamed half and look how much the one side has grown.

Continue to gently steam moving from top to bottom and side to side. Try it on as you go until you have the dimensions you desire. 

Ready to Reveal

Only one task left to accomplish and that is to reveal our finished piece.

I hope you had fun knitting along with us and hope your Hantsuki is as beautiful as you expected!  Be sure to post pictures of yours on our Ravelry group page and stay tuned for our next knitting adventure.

Happy Knitting and Perfect Projects,

- KnitDocDonna


Donna Pelzar

Donna (aka the Knitting Doctor) is the face behind The New Street Knitter patterns. She teaches knitting instruction for all skill levels in her studio and loves to focus on techniques and interesting stitch patterns. She recently expanded into pattern design and we are thrilled to be able to offer her patterns at NobleKnits. Donna also hosts all of our Knit Alongs.