Day 2: Hantsuki Shawl Knit Along

Day 1 Recap

At the conclusion of Day 1 we mastered the pattern stitches, worked on completing our swatch of Lace Panel 1, and moved on to knitting the actual project.

Here's my progress

I've cast on my stitches and am working toward the 4" specified in the pattern for Panel 1.

Here's how my lace motif is starting to shape up. How is yours looking?

I'm taking my time for the first couple of rows to make sure I don't miss any stitches, and I'm also taking time to count my stitches as I reach the ends of the rows.

Wow! That's a lot of stitches and a lot of time counting. How about a way to make sure you don't miss a stitch and keep an accurate count at the same time!

Place a stitch marker in between each pattern repeat to make sure you don't make a mistake.

As you can see, I've picked up speed by adding markers. I've made progress quite a bit of progress on Hantsuki. I now have 4" and the project is ready for my 1st decrease row.

Creating the Half Moon Shape (aka Decrease Row 1)

Here's where our Hantsuki starts to develop her crescent shape, and it's all done by decreases. The good news is we know all of the stitches* and at the end of this decrease row we'll have quite a few less stitches on our needles! Go ahead and work this decrease row.

*The psso, you will see, is a smaller version of the p2sso. In the p2sso, you slip 2 stitches and pass them over a knit stitch. Rather, in the psso you only slip 1 stitch and then pass that one over a knit stitch.

How to keep track of decreases

Keep track of decreases with a stitch counter.

Or track decreases with jelly beans!

My favorite way to track decreases. It's non- caloric, and everyone always has plenty lying around.

Yup! It's spare change! I'm betting you have pennies aplenty, too. This is what I do with them.

  1. Count out the number of pennies for the highest number of decreases you have (i.e. in Decrease Row 2 it's 42)
  2. Pile them up and move them from left to right after you complete a decrease, andwatch your pile accumulate as your decreases grow.
  3. Stack them up again for the next round of decreases

Knitting Doctor Tip: My penny counters are portable. If I'm working an "On The Go" project where I know that I'll have multiple increases or decreases, I load up one pocket with my coins and move them from one pocket to another. You could also try it with a nickel for 5 decreases (or increases)!

Lace Pattern 2

Moving right along now and we're ready for Lace Pattern 2 (reference your pattern at the end of Decrease Row 1). If you're ready go ahead and start Lace Pattern 2.

Again, no stitch descriptions needed. You've already learned and mastered them during Day 1. Work Pattern 2 as specified and finish up the remainder of that pattern section.

Decrease Row 2

This row is identical to Decrease Row 1. The only thing that changes is the number of times your decreases are executed.  

Complete this section which includes:

Lace Pattern 2

Work this pattern for the specified number of inches.

Complete the remainder of this section.

Almost there, coming down the home stretch!

Complete Decrease Rows 3 and 4

Final Step of the Day: 

Pick the perfect button! Whew! We packed a lot into Day 2! Congratulate yourself on a job well done and keeping your eye on the prize!

Next Thursday August 7, Join us for Day 3

- Final steaming and reveal!

As you're completing your Hantsuki, why not post a photo on our Ravelry Group page for us to admire and be inspired!

Until next time, 

Happy Knitting!

- KnitDocDonna