Magic Necklace Free Knitting Pattern

We're always looking for fun new ways to knit one of our favorite yarns, Be Sweet Magic Ball. This easy i-cord necklace is an ideal way to show the beauty of this hand dyed, hand tied yarn. 

Magic Necklace Free Knitting Pattern

Completed Necklace Measures:  3/4" wide x 124" circumference

Skill Level: EASY

You will need:

Cast on 6 stitches

Round 1 Do not turn your work. Slide stitches down to other end of the needle. With yarn in back, knit all stitches.

Repeat Round 1 to only a small amount of yarn remains. Bind off and sew ends together. Weave in yarn ends. 

Necklace may be wrapped 4-6 times around your neck depending on the length or look you desire.