Donnas Log: Stuff it Stocking KAL

DAY 1 Knit Along Recap
I have got to tell you I just love my job!  I’m surrounded by beautiful colorful fiber, really cool and creative patterns and get to talk to knitters about what I love best…knitting! It just doesn't get better than that. 
Oh, wait!  It just did...turns out I also love my boss. Really! She thought it would be a nice break for me to have some fun with the Ewe Ewe “Stuff It Stocking” KAL and I really am.  I’m not even feeling guilty. Even though, like everyone else this time of year...I’m frazzled, over committed, behind in my projects, etc. but the way this KAL is broken up it is very do-able with only expending a little time each day. I’ll probably work on it every morning while having coffee.
This is Day 1 and I’m picking my colors.  I’m a Mission Falls yarn gal from way back.  Those of you who remember it know it was a staple in almost every knitter’s bag.  Although Mission Falls is long gone, Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted has arrived!  If anything not only is it a great substitute, but it exceeds my expectations from the touch, appearance and ease of knit, to the crisp and modern colors. Did I mention it’s washable?  So here I go...3 skeins….one for the cuff, heel and toe, and two for the stripes.  I’ll figure out the pom pom colors later.  
My color choices are non-traditional, but that’s half the fun. Saffron for the cuff, heel and toe and stripes will be vanilla and charcoal.  Check out Ewe Ewe yarns color line up and see what you would choose.
Heather Walpole, the driving force behind Ewe Ewe, does a really nice job with the pics that go with this KAL. For those who haven’t used double points it is a very good start and I don’t think the least bit intimidating.  For me, the challenge was working with 5 double points (I usually only do 4). If you are new to this, don’t let it scare you, it’s just as easy to learn 5 as it is 4. It’s just for those of us who have traditionally used less it is a little different feel.  The only other issue with double points is joining the stitches without twisting the work. Before you join the needles can flop around a bit and that’s where your work can twist. You can get around this by knitting the first row straight then join for working in the round on the 2nd row. Works like a charm!  
I do have to throw in one more thought...why 5 double points instead of 4?  Is it because there are too many stitches?  Not being the designer I can’t answer definitively, but there is a very interesting article about 4 vs. 5 double points that is about curve and mathematics (and I don’t mean the stitch count).  It is also a very comprehensive tutorial for beginners on how to use double points and the best way to set up the needles.  Check it out at  I think you’ll find it a worthwhile read.
By this time I have several rows completed and noticed something I’m ladders when transitioning from one needle to the next. If you have ever done a double point project you know exactly what I mean. Those pesky loose stitches at the beginning of each needle that give the appearance of a seam or laddering at the transition points. So, no ladders - excellent! This yarn has a really tight wrap and even though the colors are solid the light reflects a bit differently off the twists giving it almost a bit of shine and lots of stitch definition. Nice. This is also a really quick knit.  I only worked on this a little and have a substantial amount on my needles.  
I just measured and have my 2 inches and have started my hem. This is really easy and the KAL pics walk you right through the process. You’ll be really pleased with how the hem turns out and it’s a nice skill builder if you've never done a hem. Two more inches and I’m done for Day 1.  
Stay tuned for Day 2.  It should be a good one!
PS. It's not too late to join the knit along! Here's all the details: Stuff it Stocking Knit Along
Happy Knitting
Donna Pelzar, The Knitting Doctor