Donna's Log: 30 Day Sweater Challenge Wrap-Up

Hello it's Donna and I have not given up on my 30 day sweater. If you read my last post you would have read all about my design challenges...and I had a few!

Sweater Update
What I did was finally look at my design with a critical eye and decided that I wouldn't settle for "just good enough" - rather, I'd shoot for my perfect sweater. That meant losing a lot of challenge time in frogging, but that was exactly what I did. 

My Design Process
Instead of forcing a design I decided I would just let it progress naturally and intuitively. I really think that everyone who knits is creative and part of that is intuition, so don't be afraid to let it loose and use it!  Take a risk, go for that golden sweater!  What I kept was the original seed bodice, but now it is offset by a Quaker welt (in the grape), back to the pastel hue and instead of my petals I decided on a shamrock shaped bobble motif.  This is a deceptively simple bobble which works up quickly and gives lots of texture. Bobbles are something like snowflakes, no two are alike (at least mine aren't) and if I want to simulate flowers, I don't want them the same. The bobbles are also going to arc around my shoulders and they are not quite at the end of the raglan line so it won't end up giving me unnecessary bulk under the underarm.! Yay! On a roll now! Ending my bobble, I have switched back to the deeper color and started my fisherman's rib. This is actually the easy part, a nice hefty defined rib that is unbelievably scrunchy. I can just feel this stitch in a big cushy muffler. 

Where I am Now
I like this sweater and I like it enough that I would want someone else to wear it and I would want someone to knit it, so I'll be writing the pattern.  Just as I've had choices, so will you. I'm at the waist length and like it cropped.  Haven't finished the sleeves, but I like the short sleeves. I'm curious about doing a lightly flared at the hip long version and 3/4 sleeves, so the pattern will have the choices!

My Thoughts on the 30-Day Challenge
Reading back over what I wrote, I see I've given you a lot of detail. What detail you didn't see is how I calculated how far to go, how many stitches, increases, decreases etc. That's because the 30-Day Sweater Challenge Online course and process makes those tasks really simple. The developers Lacie Lynae and Johnny Vasquez have designed a program that takes all the math uncertainty out of the equation allowing you to do what you do best and that is create. They've created several worksheets that are easy to use and result in a surprisingly well fitted sweater. The course covers everything a beginner would need as well as content interesting  enough to engage an experienced knitter or designer. Nobody bored in this course. Good support in the way of forums, email support and easy to understand course tutorials.  Best of all the process can be used for babies to adults, those that have been brave enough to allow you to measure them and those who have not.  Would I recommend this..sure would!

Now that I have technically met my 30 day challenge, I'm going to kick back, raise my glass and contemplate my options :-) and my next sweater. I'm thinking a Kate Hepburn-ish long and slouchy cardigan, shawl collar, deep patch pockets in now my much loved fisherman rib!  Think "strolling on the beach at daybreak sweater"

Keep knitting! 
- Donna