Knitter's Log: 30 Day Sweater Challenge Day 1

Donna's 30 Sweater Challenge Log: Day 1
I am so looking forward to this challenge and my hands are just itching to knit!  Before I get to to pick up those sticks and cast on the first row my task was to do a little prep work. If you haven't already had the chance, now is the time to download your free sweater planning guide and follow along!  I'm expecting it to be an interesting and fun ride and hope you will too!
Getting Measured
The next step was to gather my sense of humor and have a good friend take my measurements. Oof! They were not even close to what I always thought of as the perfect me, but the silver lining is now I know what I want to accentuate and what I want to camouflage. That really helps not only in crafting a sweater that flatters and fits, but it really helps you pick design elements that you may not have thought about before and learn a new trick or two.
Filling out the Worksheet
Now onto the Sweater Silhouette Worksheet....Ok, I'm a little chestier than I used to be, so I'll want to do some short rows at the bust, a little thicker at the waist too! Waist shaping will help. A little flare around the hips (which are still good by the way)!
Original Design Thoughts
So far, my design is turning out to be a yoked cardigan in a wonderful hand painted yarn in maybe a seed stitch? A princess style body in a solid in fisherman's rib with a border in the same color as the yoke. I like 3/4 quarter sleeves and maybe only an inch of ease. Button bands I think...or maybe not...
Choosing a Yarn
I've chosen Plymouth Alpaca Grande yarn  I'll do the body in the hand painted version in Mist. It's a beautiful orchid, pale blue and even paler orchid. I'm using Baby Alpaca Grande for the accents. I've select color Grape which is, well grape! The yarn is very cushy beautiful stuff! 

PS. Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande Yarns, are available for 15% OFF at for the entire month of October. Just enter code: 30daysweater at checkout
Working up my gauge swatches
Now on to the gauge swatches to see if these stitches and colors actually work. Stay tuned for the results and let me know what you think! 

I'll be showing you the swatches both "au natural" and after a good dunking.