30-Day Sweater Challenge: Time to Get my Knit On!

Donna's 30-Day Sweater Challenge Log
Believe it or no,t I really enjoyed the prep work so far. Now I'm really anxious to get to the heart of the challenge (i.e. actually knitting the sweater).  Before I started though there was one more task left to finish.

How to determine the stitch count for the neck stitches
Using your TRUE GAUGE, multiply it by your neck measurement. For me, is it 3 sts per inch x 15 inches and my total neck stitches are 45.

The Magic of a Top-Down Sweater
Here is how the cast-on stitch work out evenly over the body. I love how these numbers magically work out to fit your body!
  • 33% of the total neck stitches are the back stitch numbers
  • 25% of the back stitches are the sleeve stitch numbers.
  • Add those 3 (back and two sleeves) together and subtract them from the original number and you get your front stitch number. Sounds strange, but it works!
The folks at the 30-Day Sweater Challenge have worked out an exact formula for arriving at those stitches, incorporating increase stitches into the equation and adding a drop neck in the front that is very flattering. You can still sign up for the 30-Day Sweater Course here.

Time to Knit! Casting On
Finally, I got to cast on. At first, I thought all this prep work was a lot to go through before even getting to the knitting, but I'm really glad I did and am looking forward to more great hints and tips.

I have all my numbers and markers to offset the sections so I know where to do my raglan increases.  My design also calls for a seed stitch pattern so I'll have to figure that out. 
Next time, I'll post tips on determining your pattern stitch layout.

Happy knitting!