Yarn Review: Feza Viva Glitz Yarn

Yarn Reviewed: Feza Viva Glitz Yarn

Yarn Stats:
  • Fiber Content: 85% Rayon, 15% Metallic 
  • 252 yards per hank
  • Gauge: 5.5 stitches per inch on a size 6, dk weight yarn
  • One skein is enough for a little shoulderette or an openwork scarf
Yarn Reviewed by: Donna Pelzar aka, the Knitting Doctor

First Impression
What I first noticed about Viva Glitz is the way it felt in my hands.  It is soft and drapey as you would expect from rayon, but it also has a surprising crispness and crunch that I usually associate with linen.  

The Real Deal
  • Viva Glitz was fun to work with, not sticky on the needles and produced a really nice openwork look when I upped my needle size to a 13. 
  • I was experimenting with a new stitch pattern and for me that means rip backs until I'm happy.  I worked the same length of yarn numerous times and did not feel any changes in the texture or appearance of the yarn. 
  • The colors also have something to appeal to every taste, from summer teals to subtle earth tones. I chose Island Waters which has a subtle color shift from medium to dark teal.   
  • The metallic is not overwhelming, just enough to sparkle in the summer sun as well as being a stunner by candlelight.  
  • The only drawback that I could find is that the beginning and end stitches of each row are a bit untidy as the yarn does not have the spring-back qualities of wool.  You can however, minimize this by working the 1st and last stitches close to the needle tips.

Final Opinion
Feza Viva Glitz yarn is a good choice for a quick knit summer shawl, shoulderette, scarf or bolero. 

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Happy knitting!