Hadley's Infinity Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

My daughter, Hadley learned how to knit at 4. I was surprised how quickly she took to it and knitted consistently for several years, but over the past few years she turned to other hobbies like sewing, drawing, making...anything other than knitting (mom's thing). 

She accompanied me last weekend to the TNNA show and was completely inspired by all the beautiful yarns. So before we left on our long drive home she asked me to remind her how to cast on and get going...it was like riding a bike..she got right back into the knitting groove and finished this infinity scarf by the end of the day. I. Am. Thrilled! (But don't tell my teen, or she'll stop!)

Anyway, she knitted her infinity scarf in the round using just one skein of

Knit Collage Gypsy Garden Yarn

. She wore it to school the next day and got tons of compliments!

Here's the free knitting pattern so you can knit it, too. Enjoy!

Hadley's Infinity Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

You will need:

Cast on 50 stitches, join being careful not to twist stitches

Knit in the round until only 3 or 4 yards of yarn remain. 

Bind off and weave in yarn ends.

Note: Since this scarf is knitted in stockinette stitch (knit every row in the round), it will naturally curl so you'll see the purl side.

Happy knitting!