Beginner Knitting: Felicity's Scarf Free Pattern!

Felicity Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

This quick and easy knitting pattern is perfect for knitters of all skill levels!

It's a simple garter stitch pattern, what makes it special is that we used a lovely yarn, Universal Felicity. It's a railroad track style yarn with a strand of wool wound throughout, making it more stable and easier to knit that other "railroad track" style yarns. 

Finally, we added a bit of glam to the scarf with some fringe. Felicity has great drape and hints of shimmer and shine making it perfect for fringe.

Completed Scarf Measures: 4 x 49" (not including fringe) 

You will need:

Skill Level: Beginner

To Fringe or Not to Fringe

Before you begin this scarf, choose whether you want to have fringes or not. It's best to cut the fringe ahead of time, then you'll be able to use the rest of the yarn ball for the body of the scarf.

To Make Fringe

Cut 28 strands of Felicity each 12" long

Set them aside until scarf is completed.


Cast on 14 stitches

Knit every row until only one yard of yarn remains.

Bind off and weave in yarn ends.

Add Fringe to Scarf Ends

  1. Pick up 2 strands of fringe and holding them together fold them in half
  2. Insert crochet hook into first stitch at scarf edge
  3. Place folded end of fringe around crochet hook and pull fold through stitch, creating a loop
  4. Then pull tails through the loop and tighten. One fringe completed.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 in every other stitch across scarf end. 
  6. Repeat at other end of scarf.

Happy knitting!