Kauni Yarn Is The New Favorite Of Knitters

Kauni Effektgarn Cardigan
Kauni yarn is favored for Fair Isle knitting using straight or curved needles. This technique incorporates multiple colors into beautiful results thanks to the array of shades offered. This cord may be coarse to the touch at first but softens with wear and hand washing. The wool used to make this yarn comes from Shetland sheep inhabiting the Shetland Islands of Scotland.

This yarn is made by the environmentally friendly Kauni Group OU based in Denmark. They reuse cardboard boxes, sell their products online and only print two catalogs each year in order to save trees. The dyes used at their manufacturing plant in Estonia are virtually harmless to the environment as well.

The three types of this yarn manufactured are solid colors, color changing Effektgarn, and lace weight. Solid colored yarn is two ply, 100 percent wool. The balls contain 660 yards and 150 grams of finger knitting weight. They are recommended to be used with number two through five knitting needles. This type is available in various shades of white, gray, black, brown, pink, red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

Effektgarn yarn features long color changes ranging from subtle shades to strikingly brilliant primary colors. This lightweight and airy thread is offered in an assortment of rainbow colors and balls range from 120 grams and 528 yards to 170 grams and 748 yards. Lace weight is also offered in numerous solid and rainbow colors. Each ball of this selection contains 900 yards and 140 grams of finger knitting weight.

This company also provides customers with Kauni yarn patterns that are not influenced by any current fads. Instead, they are timeless designs that last for years of wear and enjoyment. Patterns include scarves, shawls, wraps, mittens, hats, cardigans, and vests, pullover sweaters for children and adults and afghans. Fun knitting projects require as little as one ball of yarn to four or more balls depending on the size of the apparel being knitted.

Kauni yarn has quickly become a favorite choice of knitters worldwide. It is easy to work with and produces exquisite, durable clothing. Kauni yarn patterns provide simple instructions to complete beautiful projects for both children and adults alike.