Imperial Stock Ranch

Imperial Stokc Ranch Bolero Pattern
Founded by Richard Hinton in 1871, the Imperial Stock Ranch has always epitomized the late 19th-century ranching experience. Blending innovative animal husbandry with an eye towards sustainability, the enterprise quickly became a revered and respected player in the ranching community of eastern Oregon.

Having grown to more than 30,000 acres, the ranch plays host to both Blank Angus herds and flocks of sturdy Columbian sheep. Enough wildlife abounds in the area to suggest that this is the place where the deer and the antelope have come to play. Each year the ranch is responsible for producing outstanding lamb and high quality beef for the discerning palate. Grains, fiber, and wool also play an important role in the ranch’s day-to-day operations.

With the beautiful Cascade Mountains serving as backdrop, once a year the sheep are taken in to be shorn. This annual event is conducted in the historic building that has been serving that exact same purpose for the past 100-years.

The resultant high grade wool is the softest available, and it is quickly transformed into the very best Imperial Stock Ranch yarn. It is then specially milled, without harsh chemicals, before being dyed a custom color that reflects the many hues of the ranch’s high desert topography. This wool can be found in no other type of yarn, and will delight and amaze the knitters and weavers ready to use it.

Additionally, Imperial Stock Ranch knitting patterns are available that will certainly serve to improve your knitting game. From Coyote Keyhole scarves to Bulky Dusk Bolero patterns, Imperial Stock Ranch has a design ready for you. Explore the many patterns that they have to offer.

Imperial Stock Ranch should be the nexus for your high-quality yarn and pattern needs. The ranch conducts its operations with an eye towards sustainability, of the entire ecosystem, and then offers that bounty back to the community.