How To: Make an Easy Fall Fabric Wreath

How To: Make an Easy Fall Fabric Wreath

Looking for a quick and easy crafting project? Try this simple to make fabric wreath. My husband was away today, so it was the perfect time to get crafty with my tween and make this fall project. We both enjoyed picking out the fabrics and tying the fabrics on this wreath.
The whole project took just a few hours and was easy to do while watching TV and gabbing.

Step 1: Fabric and Ribbon
You could use scraps from around the house, but we love the fun of going to the fabric store and picking out coordinating materials. I chose 3 fabrics (1/4 yard each) and 4 ribbons (3 yards each). Design note: Try to stick with fabric that is solid, patterned or printed on both sides.

Step 2: Create the Wreath Base
Grab a wire hanger (those dry cleaning hangers work perfectly). Simply untwist the hanger and reshape it into a circle. It doesn't have to be perfect, the fabric will cover the entire hanger.

Step 3: Cut Ribbon and Fabric
Cut fabric and ribbon into 7" strips. Design tip: I cut my fabric approximately 1"-1 1/2" wide and ripped it instead of cutting the strips to give it a more rustic look.

Step 4
Tie fabric and ribbon strips to the hanger. A simple loop works perfectly.

You can choose to attach your fabric in a pattern or at random. I opted for random on this wreath.

Continue attaching fabric strips until entire wreath is completely covered.

When wreath is completely covered with fabric, tie a ribbon bow at the top and hang in your favorite spot!