Have Fun With Knitting

Scarf Knitting Kit
Whenever the economy experiences a slump, craft hobbies, like knitting, enjoy an upswing. This is probably due to people giving handmade gifts rather than something from a store, or others looking for a way to decompress and forget their cares. Studies prove knitting lowers blood pressure and relieves stress, so it is the perfect skill to learn in times of strife and uncertainty.

In addition to being a stress reliever, knitting is fun! Using combinations of knit stitches and purl stitches, regardless of skill level, all knitters can create beautiful and unique items both for giving and for keeping. When a person decides to begin knitting, the possibilities for finished items are endless, but some of the most popular choices are socks, scarves, hats and sweaters.

One of the first projects a new knitter will try is a scarf. Scarf knitting patterns are easy to find, be they in books or on the internet, and most scarves can be completed in as little as a weekend, so they are a great choice for beginners. Experienced knitters enjoy scarves, too, because one-of-a-kind items can be created from skein remnants, which helps clear out a yarn stash and make room for more new yarn.

Hat knitting patterns are also easily found, and make a great first or second project for new knitters. Because hats are knit in the round, and every row is knit, rather than knit and purled, beginner knitters can make something that has lovely, even, perfect stitches, which will boost confidence levels.

When confidence in one’s knitting abilities increases, it is the best time to try new sock knitting patterns. Socks are wonderful because they are small and portable, so a knitter can take them anywhere; sports games, road trips, train commutes, airplane journeys and anywhere else one would bring knitting. Sock yarn is available in scrumptious colorways, too, so if a knitter wants an excuse to splurge on gorgeous, artisan yarns, he or she need look no further than socks and a great sock knitting pattern.

Sweaters should not be overlooked if a knitter wants to try a really gorgeous yarn. Many sweater knitting patterns are created to make use of unique textures and colors in the yarn, be it hand dyed or something else. Handmade sweaters are truly gifts of love, which is why so many knitters collect sweater knitting patterns.

Have fun and happy knitting!