Fair Isle Knitting Patterns

Fair Isle Cardigan Knitting Pattern
Ever since the Prince of Wales, Edward VIII first wore Fair Isle style tank tops in the 1920's this classic type of knitting has been quite popular. The Fair Isle knitting style is one in which definite patterns are worked into a knitted garment. A Fair Isle garment has a right side and a wrong side since the front contains a pattern and the unused colors are stranded across the back.

Some may wonder why this style of knitting is called Fair Isle. Fair Isle is a very small island in Northern Scotland that is part of the Shetland Islands and is where Fair Isle knitting patterns originated. Traditionally Fair Isle knitting was limited to no more than five colors with two colors per row and there have been certain patterns that are associated with the Shetland Islands. It should be noted, however, that since the 1950's the term Fair Isle knitting--also referred to as "stranded knitting"--has been often used in a more loose way to refer to any type of knitting with colors woven in a pattern and stranded across the back.

Since Fair Isle knitting patterns are usually stitched in the round, Fair Isle hat patterns are the perfect choice for beginners. Fair Isle hat patterns make it easy to get started and learn this beautiful form of knitting. There are many patterns for hats available in different styles with various designs, pictures and colors. Hats make really beautiful gifts and are not as difficult to make as sweaters. Since there are so many Fair Isle patterns to choose from, knitted hats can be "customized" according to the personal taste of the receiver.

Those who gain experience knitting hats can move on to Fair Isle sweater patterns. Knitting a sweater is a wonderful accomplishment and a hand knitted sweater often becomes beautiful heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation. Fair Isle sweater patterns also come in a variety of different styles. Men, women and children look great in Fair Isle sweaters, and like hats, a sweater can also be knitted in an abundance of different color combinations for a one-of-a-kind garment that not only looks great but is practical for those cold winter months.

People who enjoy making handcrafted items should definitely consider this fabulous style of knitting. Unlike many other trendy handicrafts, a Fair Isle knitted sweater or hat has a classic look and is not likely to go out of style any time soon.