Entrelac Knitting

Ann Norling Entrelac Throw Knitting Pattern
Many people use knitting as a pass time or as a hobby. Enterlac knitting is a technique used to create diamond like patterns. It is easier to use multiple colors as well.

Entrelac knitting resembles a woven basket. This type of knitting is created by simply knitting tiny squares in opposite directions. Anyone that can do basic knitting can perform this type of knitting as well. It is just that easy.

When using this technique, just knit over 10 stitches at a time. This creates an illusion unlike any other type of knitting. The entrelac knitting patterns involve triangles and squares combined together to create a great look. Once you have gotten the hang of regular knitting, this type of knitting will be a breeze. Anything from a scarf to a blanket can be knitted in no time once you understand how to knit this way. Any type of yarn can be used. If you have a favorite type of yarn, then it should definitely be used in this type of knitting.

If entrelac knitting sounds interesting to learn, then step by step guides can be found online. One can also create their own entrelac knitting patterns to create something wonderful. If a person needs a hobby then knitting can be just the one.

With the holiday season fast approaching, knit someone special a beautiful new scarf to keep them warm during the dreary days of winter that lie ahead. A gift of maybe a hat, blanket, shawl, or scarf can make a great gift. When a handmade gift is given, they can tell it comes from the heart. What better way is there to show someone how much they are loved?